Our Eco Committee – The Eco Warriors

UPDATE: June 2022. Our Eco Flag has been achieved through the ongoing hard work by all pupils, the parent body and our local ranger.

The children and staff at Keithhall School are committed to learning for Sustainability. This session (2021-2022) the school is working towards another Green Flag Award.

The Green Flag Award is an internationally recognised achievement for schools and nurseries. It is a whole school, pupil-led approach.

Each year we carry out an ‘Environmental Review’ to establish what goals we wish to work towards, that both improves our learning environment and supports climate change. Our Eco Committee is then responsible for organising, measuring, and evaluating all the Eco-Schools activities. However, everyone works together to make these improvements happen. 

Some of our actions are linked to the Curriculum and we regularly share examples of our learning with each other and the whole school community.  As a school we upload our outdoor experiences, stories, photographs, and evidence of all the wonderful actions we take part in, onto the school’s Facebook page.

We keep an up-to-date whole school ‘Outdoor Learning’ board on display in the school showing our experiences and outcomes as well as a notice board that describes our Eco-Schools journey so far. 

Our local Communities are also keen to be involved and often visit to help us complete our goals. Through this we have developed good links and relationships with parents/carers and community members out-with Keithhall school.