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The Young Agenda Conference, Stavanger, Norway

The primary seven pupils had an amazing time at this environmental conference. Each group had to give a presentation and make a stall to allow others to see all the good work being carried out.


Turkey – Reducing Food Waste at Lunchtime

The Turkish stall was very interesting. They did a project on food waste at their school lunch time. They drew charts of what people liked and didn’t like, even charts on how much food was being wasted. They made a video of their school after lunch had been eaten and showed us how much food was actually being wasted. Then they showed the school garden, which was really tidy and clean, and in the video a boy nearly fell in the water. At the end of the video everyone was showing off and pulling faces to the camera. The Turkish stall had a flag of their country and a powerpoint display of their work.


Nicaragua Murals on the Environment

My favourite stall at Young Agenda 21 was the stall presented by the country of Nicaragua. They were featuring “Murals on the Environment”. On their stall there were loads of beautiful pictures of murals that they had done in Nicaragua. They were also selling postcards of murals that they had completed, for 10kr or as much as you wanted to donate. The money they raised would go towards their murals. Mrs Robertson and I both bought one of their beautiful postcards. Here is a picture of their stall.

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