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A man called Bob Davis came to visit and he told us about plants. We did a map of all the plants on the pitch. We got to eat beech leaves and broom petals. We also looked at a rotten tree. We saw the fungi growing on a cut down tree. Bob has a wildflower nursery in Aberdeenshire.

Jackie Cumberbirch came in and planted plants with us. We planted Ragged Robin, Sunflower, Borage, Lettuce, Chamomile. She also did a game with us. Jackie showed us a slide show. Jackie is a forest ranger.

We made necklaces and we learnt what each bead meant. Blue means water, red means blood, black means death, brown means soil, yellow means sun, green means plants and white means air.

We played a game called ‘The Cycles Game’. There were Consumers, Decomposers and Producers. The Decomposers chased the Consumers and the Consumers chased the Producers and the Producers chased the Decomposers. You only survived if you had all four elements left which were sun, water, soil and air.

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